The Historical and Heritage Richness of some Heritage Sites in Al-Baha Region

  • Dr. Laila bint Abd Alkarim Alzahrani Assistant Professor - Department of History - Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Al-Baha University – Saudi Arabia
الكلمات المفتاحية: Historical Richness, Heritage Richness, Heritage Sites, Al-Baha Region


    Al-Baha region is one of the main regions of Saudi Arabia. It is characterized by its historical and cultural legacy, as it combines many historical locations and remnants, which were and still bear witness the times experienced by the region. Tourists who visit the region can see its material history, through traces buried in some towns and in ancient cultural centers, and its superficial traces through its inscriptions and rock graphics, in addition to its villages, caves, cemeteries, weekly popular markets, dams and agricultural terraces and old routes. All these aspects deserve further studies and attention, which could attract large number of tourists if they revived and opened for tourism activity and providing infrastructure and facilities that serve this aspect. Due to unintended negligence, failure to pay attention to remnants or assigning the responsibility to non-qualified made the region lose an essential source of revenue. Based on the above, we hope to draw attention to carry out tourism development through (tourism revival) by developing the archeological sites for achieving full development with the aim of revitalizing the economic cycle and of encouraging the development of the region through sustainable development in a way that guarantees the revival of remnants and preservation of their authenticity. This study highlights the region itself such as surveying some of its sites and factors of their creation, showing some archeological sites, and reviewing tourism potential and the extent to which this potential is used for tourism purpose. Then, to identify the main troubles suffered by the visitors, and to propose the solutions with the aim of promoting and improving tourism service.


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Dr. Laila bint Abd Alkarim Alzahrani. (2022). The Historical and Heritage Richness of some Heritage Sites in Al-Baha Region. مجلة الفنون والأدب وعلوم الإنسانيات والاجتماع, (74), 270-288.