Management of Fashion Design and its Impact on Human Behavior

  • Lect. Salah Abdul Ghani Hussein Institute of Applied Arts - Middle Technical University
الكلمات المفتاحية: Fashion Design, Human Behavior


The current research in the management of fashion designs and their impact on human behavior, which are used in different ways and methods, taking into account the aesthetic and skillful performance as well as the economic aspect, and the research in its theoretical framework to the technical additions (cost) and its relation to aesthetics in addition to decorations and types, The research and practical aspects of the work where several designs were chosen to be applied in them. The recommendations included the possibility of benefiting from the results of the research and clarifying the extent of their impact on human behavior and the relationship between them.


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Lect. Salah Abdul Ghani Hussein. (2021). Management of Fashion Design and its Impact on Human Behavior. مجلة الفنون والأدب وعلوم الإنسانيات والاجتماع, (67), 348-360.