Legal Effects of Arbitrary Dismissal in the Bahraini Labor Law

  • Mohanad Ahmad Mahmoud Sanouri Associate Professor of Private International Law - Applied Sciences University - Faculty of Law - Private Law Section - Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Ghaith Mustafa Abdul Wali Al Khassawneh Assistant Professor of Commercial Law - Applied Sciences University - Faculty of Law - Private Law Section - Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Hazim Salem Mohammad AlShawabkah Assistant Professor of Civil Law - Applied Sciences University - Faculty of Law - Private Law Section - Kingdom of Bahrain
الكلمات المفتاحية: Employer, employee, arbitrary, dismissal, compensation


The legal effects of arbitrary dismissal are legal subjects that need to be studied because of the problems that social laws still need to be decided upon in anticipation of the failure of the legal rule to cover them in the light of the continuous change in economic and social conditions.

These effects are compensation for arbitrary dismissal or reinstatement of the employee where possible in accordance with the grounds and controls governing compensation for arbitrary dismissal and the amount of such compensation in fixed-term and unspecified contracts, as well as other labor benefits that an employee deserves as a result of dismissal as notice allowance, termination indemnity in indefinite contracts and compensation for the penalty clause in fixed-term contracts, if any, and other benefits.

The question of reinstating the employee is a matter of appreciation to the civil super court - the competent civil court to consider resolving disputes between the employee and the employer concerning unpaid wages due to the employee or illegal deductions of remuneration, whenever the employee is still in employment - constrained by the employer's desire and the possibility of reinstating the employee.


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Mohanad Ahmad Mahmoud Sanouri, Ghaith Mustafa Abdul Wali Al Khassawneh, & Hazim Salem Mohammad AlShawabkah. (2020). Legal Effects of Arbitrary Dismissal in the Bahraini Labor Law. مجلة الفنون والأدب وعلوم الإنسانيات والاجتماع, (50), 325-337.