Chronotopes of Time and Space in Brooklyn

  • Rafal Naser Hussein Specialist in English literature - Iraq
الكلمات المفتاحية: Chronotopes, Time and Space in Brooklyn


Space and moving from one place to another play an important role in Brooklyn since it concerns the Irish diaspora in America and England. Different places are compared to show how Irish diaspora differs in America and England. Moreover, Irish and American cultures are taken into consideration in analyzing Eilis’ displacement. In doing so, in three sections, multi levels of immigration and living in foreign countries, with the help of chronotope of space whether geographical, physical, or mental are offered. First, the portrayal of Ireland and Irish and American society and culture in the novel is discussed. Then, Irish diaspora in England and America and their differences as spaces of immigration are argued. Finally, Eilis’ dangling between places is

investigated and it is shown how she until the end of the novel chooses to finally live in Brooklyn and overcomes her sense of displacement.


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Rafal Naser Hussein. (2020). Chronotopes of Time and Space in Brooklyn. مجلة الفنون والأدب وعلوم الإنسانيات والاجتماع, (61), 285-292.