The Effectiveness of a Proposed Computer Program in Developing the Skill of Oral Expression among Basic Stage Students Who Are Not Arabic Speakers in Denmark

(An Experimental Study)

  • Mohammad Mutleq PhD candidate - Curriculum and teaching methods Faculty of education - Al-Madinah International - University in Malaysia
  • Ayman Ayed Mohammad Mamdouh Associate professor - Faculty of education - Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia


The aim of this research was to identify the effectiveness of a suggested computer program in developing oral expression skills among students of the basic stage of non-Arabic speaking learners in Denmark. The research was based on the design and production of a multimedia-based computer program dedicated to the Arabic language curriculum for the fourth grade، in cooperation with the Granada Educational Foundation in Paris as a research tool. The fourth module was selected to teach its contents and to teach oral expression skills. Besides an achievement test to measure the level of oral expression skills to be applied pre and post over the research sample. The researcher used the experimental method in dealing with the research topic، and measure the effectiveness of the proposed multimedia software program (as an independent variable) in the development of oral expression skill (as a dependent variable). The study sample consisted of two randomly selected groups of fourth level students in the basic stage - one representing the experimental group and the other representing the control group - the number of each (twenty students). The research had revealed a number of findings، the most important of which are: Verifying the effectiveness of employing the suggested multimedia software program in the development of oral expression skills in the fourth level students in the basic stage in Denmark. The research also resulted in statistically significant differences between the average post-test scores of the two groups: experimental and control attributable to the use of the program in teaching oral expression in favor of the experimental group. This means that the program has an impact on the development of oral expression skills in fourth grade students.


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كيفية الاقتباس
Mohammad Mutleq, & Ayman Ayed Mohammad Mamdouh. (2020). The Effectiveness of a Proposed Computer Program in Developing the Skill of Oral Expression among Basic Stage Students Who Are Not Arabic Speakers in Denmark: (An Experimental Study). مجلة الفنون والأدب وعلوم الإنسانيات والاجتماع, (54), 434-463.