The Law Applicable to The Arbitration Dispute

  • Dr. Qais Khaleel Sallam Maaitah Associate Professor of Commercial Law - Private Law Section - Faculty of Law - Applied Sciences University Kingdom of Bahrain


The aim of the arbitrators is to adjudicate the dispute away from traditional procedural constraints with its complex formalities and a long time before the courts. One of the basic rules on which the arbitration system was based was the freedom of the parties at all stages of arbitration to choose arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution route, by selecting the law applicable to arbitration proceedings or the law applicable to the subject matter of the dispute and by the execution of the arbitral award.

The role of the arbitral tribunal stems from the agreement of the parties to the arbitration dispute and from the regulations in the arbitration contract or the arbitration document requiring the parties to the arbitration to sign an arbitration document at the commencement of the proceedings, and the proceedings begin since a party to the arbitration dispute has indicated its willingness to settle the dispute by arbitration. In other words, the request for arbitration shall be made until the award is finalized.


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